Not Just Termites

A timber Pest Inspection looks for:

  • Termites
  • Wood Decay
  • Fungi
  • Borers


Time 1 to 1½.. Hours

An inspection on your property will take on average, around one and a half hours and sometimes more. This will depend on what has been discovered. Sometimes further investigations are required and this will be explained to you on the day of the inspection.

I am always early, and this is deliberate, as often it enables me to meet the vendor before they leave the property and this gives me an opportunity to ask questions of the vendor. Please remember who knows the property more intimately.

I will ask questions that maybe you haven’t. Things like: Have you had termites, termite damages repaired, annual inspections, past termite treatments, alterations or renovations to the property. I may ask to see documentation for treatments, annual inspections or any invoices for work for alterations and renovations as all Licenced and Insured Tradespersons have to have a warranty period for their work. I find this is very valuable information for you as the purchaser of the property, if I can get it.

Be There

I always strongly advise all clients be available for the inspection as you will gain more by being there than reading anyone’s report.